If the green light is on, there’s something happening! Who is it next week?! Check out the “Next Week’s Guest” link! There are always interesting guests coming in to hang out!


Sam started working from home in August of 2019, and it really became apparent, to his wife, he needed more “social interaction!”

October came and he decided he would get social interaction by doing something that he already likes to do, TALK, and start a podcast!

Starting as the 500 Section Sports Podcast, Sam quickly came to the conclusion that he needed to have a co-host! ENTER RICHEY! Richey is a friend and former fellow baseball coach, with Sam, so them sitting around talking about sports was a great idea!

Sam and Richey found themselves talking to amazing guests, but they weren’t ALL sports guests! Right around the time they were contemplating a name change to the 500 Section Lounge Podcast, they decided to bring on YET ANOTHER CO-HOST!

Little Matt joined right before the calendar turned, and the show was complete!

Since then, the guys have talked to a AA major league baseball player, an “America’s Got Talent the Champions” finalist, an Emmy-award winner, and authors/historians galore!

They are always looking for exciting, thought-provoking and interesting guests, to come to hang out in the Lounge! There are always reasons to check-in and see what they are doing next!

Got ideas? The guys are looking for new ways to provide more content, and make the show even better! Be sure to stop and send a message of what you think might be good in the Lounge! Go to the “Contact Us” page, and drop the guys a message, and they will look into maybe adding it! They are VERY flexible!

So always remember to sit back, relax & #grabalisten!